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Univ. Prof. Dr. Stephan M. KRÄMER (Head)

We are a research group directed by Prof. Stephan M. Kraemer investigating biogeochemical processes in sedimentary and weathering environments, in aquatic and terrestrial systems. Our work is process oriented: we strive to gain a molecular level understanding of chemical mechanisms and biological pathways of processes that control the exogenous earth system in time and space including the human environment. Current laboratory and field studies deal with mineral weathering, biomineralization, the control of element cycles by microbial nutrient acquisition, the mechanisms or microbial iron reduction and oxidation, and the isotopic fractionation of Fe during mineral weathering.

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Tuesday, 23. April 2013

Leonhard Brunauer bachelor thesis completed

Leonhard Brunauer has modeled the plant iron uptake and biogeochemical processes around a plant root during strategy II iron acquisition using the code ORCHESTRA.

Sunday, 3. March 2013

Monte Verità conference on iron biogeochemistry

Ruben Kretzschmar and colleagues (including Stephan Kraemer) from several European universities organized the conference "Iron biogeochemistry - from molecular processes to global cycles" held at Centro Stefano...

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