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Current Projects

Effect of weathering of PVC microplastic particles on the release of plastic additives to the environment

Supervisor: Thilo Hofmann
Co-Supervisor: Thorsten Hüffer, Vesna Micić Batka
Ph.D. Student: Elisabeth Kolar

KOKOSAN - Combined in-situ remediation using biochar and compost for PAH and heavy metal-contaminated soils

Supervisor: Thilo Hofmann, Melanie Kah, Thorsten Hüffer
Ph.D. Student: Gabriel Sigmund

NanoDefine - Development of an integrated approach based on validated and standardized methods to support the implementation of the EC recommendation for a definition of nanomaterial

Project leader: Frank von der Kammer
Post-Doc: Stephan Wagner, Milica Velimirovic
Ph.D. Student: Fazel Abdolahpur Monikh

NanoFARM - Fate and Effects of Agriculturally Relevant Materials

Project leader: Frank von der Kammer
Post-Doc: Adam Laycock

NanoRem- Taking Nanotechnological Remediation Processes from Lab Scale to End User Applications for the Restoration of a Clean Environment

Principal Investigator: Thilo Hofmann
Co-PI: Vesna Micic, Frank von der Kammer
Post-Doc: Milica Velimirovic
Ph.D. Student: Doris Schmid

Sorption of natural organic matter to carbon nanotubes: fractionation, dispersion and sorption behavior

Supervisor: Thilo Hofmann, Melanie Kah
Students: Arianna Gattesco

Systematic characterization of sorption behavior of microplastic particles

Supervisor: Thilo Hofmann
Post-Doc: Thosten Hüffer
Ph.D. Student: Anne-Kathrin Weniger, Maren Wehrhahn
Student: Veronika Turewicz

Impact of climate change and related glacier hazards and mitigation strategies in the European Alps, Swedish Lapland and the Tien Shan Mountains, Central Asia

Project Leader:
Hermann Häusler

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