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Sorption of organic pollutants to biochars

Biochar is a charcoal produced by thermal decomposition of biomass under oxygen-limited conditions (i.e., pyrolysis) and at relatively low temperatures (<700°C). Biochars have been applied as soil amendment to improve fertility and agricultural productivity. In addition, due to its high sorption capacity for pollutants, the application of biochar has recently been proposed for the remediation of contaminated soil and sediments.
Understanding the sorption behaviour of biochar is essential to ensure the sustainability of biochar applications, in both agriculture and remediation contexts. Our research aims at elucidating the sorption behaviour of a range of biochars, produced from a range of feedstock and at different temperatures.

Ph.D. Student: Huichao Sun, Gabriel Sigmund
Supervisor: Thilo Hofmann
Co-Supervisor:Melanie Kah

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