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Live depends on water. Save drinking water will be one of the major challenges in this century. Beside quantitative problems, groundwater contamination is a major environmental concern. Contamination can be due to inorganic, organic or biological sources. Hydrogeology involves all processes from groundwater recharge to discharge in springs and rivers or oceans. It includes the fade and behaviour of contaminants and trace elements in subsurface aquatic environments. Within the Department of Environmental Geosciences at Vienna University we cover projects from groundwater recharge models, hydrogeological models, isotop hydrogeology, artificial recharge of groundwater, groundwater salinisation and modelling of groundwater flow by numerical codes (e.g. Modflow, Feflow). Regional groundwater studies are currently carried out in Vienna and Lower Austria. We also study the behaviour of oraganic and inorganic substances linked to the leaching of contaminated materials, recycling material, mining activities or colloidal transport of trace substances.

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