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Research Interests:

environmental behaviour, transport and fate of engineered nanomaterials in natural systems; stable isotope labeling and tracing;

Current Project:


Curriculum Vitae:

since 2016
Postdoctoral Researcher: NanoFarm project, Department of
Environmental Geosciences, University of Vienna

2015 - 2016
Postdoctoral Research Assistant: MAGIC Isotope Research Group,
Department of Earth Science & Engineering, Imperial College, (NERC)

2010 - 2014 PhD at Imperial College London, ‘Stable Isotope Tracing of Engineered Nanoparticles’, PhD Supervisor: Prof. Mark Rehkämper

2007 - 2008 International Study – Victoria University Wellington, NZ

2005 - 2009 MGeol (international) – Master of Geology, University of Leeds (1st)

Publications (peer-reviewed):

Laycock, A., Diez-Ortiz, M., Larner, F., Dybowska, A., Spurgeon, D., Valsami-Jones, E., Rehkämper, M., Svendsen, C., 2015 Comparing uptake routes and rates of ionic Zn and ZnO nanoparticles in the earthworm Lumbricus rubellus at
environmentally realistic concentrations using stable isotope labelling.
Environmental Science & Technology, Just Accepted Manuscript

Laycock, A.,
Rehkämper, M., Coles, B. & Kreissig, K., 2016 High precision
142Ce/140Ce stable isotope measurements of purified materials with a focus on CeO2 nanoparticles. Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry.

Laycock, A., Stolpe, B., Römer, I., Dybowska, A., Valsami-Jones, E., Lead, J.R. &
Rehkämper, M., 2014. Synthesis and characterization of isotopically labeled
silver nanoparticles for tracing studies. Environmental Science: Nano, 1, 271-

Khan, F.R., Laycock, A., Dybowska, A., Larner, F., Smith, B.D., Rainbow, P.S.,
Luoma, S.N., Rehkamper, M. & Valsami-Jones, E., 2013. Stable Isotope
Tracer To Determine Uptake and Efflux Dynamics of ZnO Nano- and Bulk
Particles and Dissolved Zn to an Estuarine Snail. Environmental Science &
Technology, 47, 8532-8539.

Houston, S., Smalley, C., Laycock, A. & Yardley, B.W.D., 2011. The relative
importance of buffering and brine inputs in controlling the abundance of Na
and Ca in sedimentary formation waters. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 28,

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Laycock, A., Romero-Freire, A., Najorka, J., Svendsen, C., van Gestel, C., & Rehkämper, M. (2017). Novel Multi-isotope Tracer Approach To Test ZnO Nanoparticle and Soluble Zn Bioavailability in Joint Soil Exposures. Environmental Science & Technology (Washington), 51(21), 12756.

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