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Elisabeth KOLAR, M.Sc.


Room Number: 2C474
Tel.: +43-1-4277-53324
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Research Interests:

The fates and impacts of microplastics in the environment, Adsorption and desorption of pollutants, Leaching of additives, Degradation pathways, Influence of Sediments.

Curriculum Vitae:

Since June 2016: PhD candidate, University of Vienna, Department of Environmental Geosciences.

June 2015 - Feb. 2016: Project Assistant, UNISA, (Australia)
Topic: “Solvent extraction of rare earth elements in microfluidic devices”.

Jan. - April 2015: Project Assistant, Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Materials Chemistry
Topic: “Catalytic studies on Pd supported on Fe3O4 in CO oxidation “.

2012 - 2014: M.Sc. in Material chemistry, Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Materials Chemistry
Thesis:  “Studies on the synergetic effect between Pd species and the support Co3O4 or
γFe2O3 in CO oxidation”.

2007 - 2012: B.Sc. in Technical Chemistry, Vienna University of Technology
Thesis: “New In2O3 catalysts: synthesis and structure-activity correlation”.

Publications and Proceedings:

Kolar, E., Catthoor, R. P. R., Kriel, F. H., Sedev, R., Middlemas, S., Klier, E., Priest, C. (2016). Microfluidic Solvent Extraction of Rare Earth Elements from a Mixed Oxide Concentrate Leach Solution using Cyanex® 572. Chemical Engineering Science, 148, 212–218.

Department of Environmental Geosciences
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