Braun Box

Provides confined volume with nitrogen hydrogen atmosphere
Use: Working under anoxic conditions to study mineral perpetration and dissolution.

Centrifuge: HiGen 21

Herolab HiGen21: Speed from 500 rpm up to 21.000 rpm, temperature controlled
Use: sample centrifugation

Coy Anoxic Chamber

Coy Anaerobic Airlock Chamber Type A; Confined volume with nitrogen hydrogen atmosphere.
Use: Working under anoxic conditions

DMA 80 evo

DMA 80 L

FIAlyzer-1000-TRACE IRON


Agilent 1260 Infinity BioInert HPLC; equipped with a wavelength and a fluorescence detector and a fraction collector.
Use: Metal contamination free analysis of complex mixtures.


Agilent 7700x; Inductively Coupled Plasma - Mass-Spectrometer (ICP-MS)
: Inorganic trace analysis


Nu- Instrument NU Plasma II HR; Sector-field ICP-MS with a Detector array consisting of 12 Faraday cups and 5 Ion counters
Use: Determination of metal isotope ratios

Optical Microscopes

Two Leica DME; one is equipped with a fluorescence unit
Zeiss Stemi DV4 Stereo-Microscope


Varian Cary 50; Single beam spectral-photometer.
Use: Measuring of reaction kinetics and concentrations.

Plant Growing Chamber

Fitotron SGC 120; Day/Night simulation, humidity and temperature control
Use: Plant-growing experiments


Metrom 797A Computrace.
Use: Inorganic trace analysis

Safty Bench

Kojar Biowizard XtraLine;
Use: Containment of hazardous material.

Solar Simulator

LOT LS0306; Full solar spectrum at average longitude, irradiated area diameter 40mm
Use: Photochemistry