Clément LAYET, PhD
Postdoctoral Scholar


Room Number: 2C477 | Tel.: +43-1-4277-53372

Research interests

Fate and transport of nanopesticides in soil; study of the transport modification depending on soil structure

Curriculum vitae

Since May 2018: Postdoctoral Scholar at the Department of Environmental Geosciences, University of Vienna

2013-2017: PhD student at CEREGE/CIRAD Institutes, Aix-Marseille University, France

Thesis: “Phytoavailability of Nanonaterials, and impact on the uptake of trace elements”

2012-2013: M.Sc Sustainable Development Engineering (Lorraine University, France)


2010-2013: Engineering School of Agronomy and Food Industries (ENSAIA, Lorraine University, France)


Layet, C., M. Auffan, C. Santaella, C. Chevassus-Rosset, M. Montes, P. Ortet, M. Barakat, B. Collin, S. Legros, M. N. Bravin, B. Angeletti, I. Kieffer, O. Proux, J.-L. Hazemann and E. Doelsch (2017). "Evidence that Soil Properties and Organic Coating Drive the Phytoavailability of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles." Environmental Science & Technology 51(17): 9756-9764.