Completed projects

NanoLyse: Nanoparticles in food - Analytical methods for detection and characterisation
Project leader: Frank von der Kammer
Post Doc: Stephan Wagner

Nano-pesticides: state of knowledge, environmental fate and exposure modelling
Supervisor: Mélanie Kah, Thilo Hofmann
Students: Anne-Kathrin Weniger

NanoRem - Taking Nanotechnological Remediation Processes from Lab Scale to End User Applications for the Restoration of a Clean Environment
Supervisor: Frank von der Kammer
Post-Doc: Stephan Wagner, Milica Velimirovic

Sorption of organic pollutants to biochars
Supervisor: Thilo Hofmann, Mélanie Kah
Students: Huichao Sun, Gabriel Sigmund

Nitrous Oxide: Prediction and Management
Supervisor: Thilo Hofmann
Students: Ayuwat Thanasate-Angkool

(2011-2015) Assessment of groundwater vulnerability using a combined approach of multivariate statistics, numerical modeling and isotopes
Supervisor: Thilo Hofmann 
Ph.D. Student: Andrea Bichler

(2011-2014) NanoSan - Application of nanoscale zero-valent iron (nZVI) for in situ remediation of groundwater contaminated by chlorinated solvents
Supervisor: Thilo Hofmann 
Co-PI: Vesna Micic
Ph.D. Student: Susanne Laumann, Doris Schmid (2010-2013)

(2010-2012) DetectNano - Quantification of metal oxide nanoparticles (TiO2 and CeO2) in surface water
Project leader: Frank von der Kammer
Post Doc: Elisabeth Neubauer
Student: Willi Fabienke

(2010 - 2012) Impact of climate change and related glacier hazards and mitigation strategies in the European Alps, Swedish Lapland and the Tien Shan Mountains, Central Asia
Project LeaderHermann Häusler

(2010 - 2012) Sparkling Science: Nanomaterialien - Chancen und Risiken einer neuen Dimension
Supervisor: Thilo Hofmann, Frank von der Kammer

(2009 - 2012) Sorption of Aromatic Compounds on Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs)
Supervisor: Melanie Kah, Thilo Hofmann
Ph.D. Student: Xiaoran Zhang

(2009 - 2012) Detection, Fate and Uptake of Engineered Nanoparticles in Aquatic Systems
Supervisor: Frank von der Kammer, Thilo Hofmann
Ph.D. Student: Jungfeng Liu

(2008 - 2011) Impacts of gravel pit lakes on the surface and groundwater quality
Supervisor: Thilo Hofmann
Ph.D. Student: Christian Müllegger
Cooperation: Dr. T. Battin and Dr. M. Kainz, WaterCluster Lunz

(2008 - 2011) Material flow analysis as an effectiveness assessment tool for in situ thermal remediation in the unsaturated zone
Supervisor: Thilo Hofmann, Vesna Micic
Ph.D. Student: Susanne Laumann
Cooperation: Johann Fellner and David Clement, Vienna University of Technology

(2009 - 2011) Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in hard coals 
Supervisor: Thilo Hofmann, Vesna Micic
Ph.D. Student: Susanne Laumann

(2007 - 2010) Bioinorganic nanoparticles as transport vehicles for iron in the continental runoff: The export of dissolved iron from wetlands to the ocean 
Project leader: Frank von der Kammer
Ph.D. Student: Stephanie Ottofülling
Cooperation: Prof. B. Keppler and M. Krachler, Chemistry

(2007 - 2010) Development and Optimization of multifunctional Nanoparticles for clinical Molecular Imaging and Therapy 
Supervisor: Frank von der Kammer, Thilo Hofmann
Post Doc: Altan Südphandag
Ph.D. Student: Stephanie Ottofülling
Cooperation: Prof. Bernhard Keppler, Chemistry

(2007 - 2009) Degradation products of alkylphenol polyethoxylates in the Danube River 
Project leader: Thilo Hofmann
Ph.D. Students: Vesna Micic

(2006-2009) Transport of particulate matter in freshwaters as a function of flow heterogeneity and biofilm growth - studied in mesoscaled flumes (Lunz)
Supervisor: Thilo Hofmann, Frank von der Kammer
Ph.D. Students: Stephanie Ottofülling
Cooperation: Dr. T. Battin, Freshwater Ecology and Wasserkluster Lunz

(2006 - 2009) Geochemistry and anthropogenic admission of the Groundwater at Marchfeld Region.
Supervisor/Ph.D. Student: Thilo Hofmann / Darsow
Cooperation: Dr. M. Kralik Vienna Umweltbundesamt (UBA), Dr. M.Groning and Dr. A. Suckow International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

(2005 - 2008) Mineralogical and geochemical variations of ochreous iron (III) precipitates in acid sulphate rich environments. Phase transformations, aggregation, irritation with NOM, and impacts on heavy metal mobility
Supervisor/Ph.D. Student: Räisänen, Carlson, Thilo Hofmann, Frank von der Kammer / Kumpulainen

(2004 - 2008) Risk assessment of PAHs in river sediments in Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany: Differentiation of anthropogenic and geogenic PAHs (Cooperation of Vienna University (Hofmann, Yang), Bundesanstalt für Gewässerkunde Koblenz (Ternes) and Mainz University (Pies, Wilken)
Supervisor/Ph.D. Student: Thilo Hofmann, Ternes / Pies, Yang 

(2005- 2006) Geochemical Modelling of Aspern-Geothermal Groundwater Borehole
Supervisor/Ph.D. Student: Thilo Hofmann / Lehr

(2002-2006) Beurteilung von in-situ Beprobungen und Elutionsverhalten im Rahmen des Bundesbodenschutzgesetzes-Sickerwasserprognose
Supervisor/Ph.D. Student: Thilo Hofmann / Schuwirth

(2000 - 2002) Verhalten von Kolloiden in der ungesättigten Bodenzone (BMBF) SIWAPRO0199
Supervisor/Ph.D. Student: Thilo Hofmann / Christ

(1999 - 2002) KARNUT: Verhalten von Recyclingbaustoffen bei der Elution
Supervisor/Ph.D. Student: Thilo Hofmann, Schenk / Karnuth

(2001) Multimedia-CD "Das Verhalten von Stoffen in der ungesättigten Bodenzone": Eine Einführung mit Modellbeispielen des Transportes typischer Schadstoffe
Supervisor/Ph.D. Student: Thilo Hofmann, Schenk / Enzmann

Geology of the World Heritage Fertö/Neusiedlersee Cultural Landscape State of Burgenland (AT)/ County of Györ-Moson-Sopron (HU)
Leader/ Investigator: Hermann Häusler

Use of geothermal energy in Lower Austria PROTERRA
Leader/ Investigator:
 Hermann Häusler

Computer simulation of a glacier lake outburst
Leader/ Investigator: Hermann Häusler

Glacial lake outburst flood (GLOF) and geo-hazard mitigation in the Upper Pho Chhu Watershed: project phase IV (Bhutan)" Development Cooperation Project; Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Leader/ Investigator: Hermann Häusler

Hydrogeology and Remote Sensing in the Bohemian Massif of Upper Austria" Federal Government/Provincial Government Cooperation Project
Leader/ Investigator: Hermann Häusler

Zur Hydrogeologie des Schlierhügellandes zwischen Welser Heide und Eferdinger Becken (Schartner Rücken; Oberösterreich)":
BauW-II-930094/2-1999-Wmr Provincial Government of Upper Austria
Leader/ Investigator: Hermann Häusler

Zur Hydrogeologie des Schlierhügellandes zwischen Welser Heide und Eferdinger Becken (Schartner Rücken; Oberösterreich)": BauW-II-930094/2-1999-Wmr Provincial Government of Upper Austria
Leader/ Investigator: Hermann Häusler

Geodynamic evolution of the Northern Burgenland
Leader/ Investigator: Hermann Häusler

Paleogeography and age of Lake Neusiedl
Leader/ Investigator: Hermann Häusler

3D-modelling in the Quaternary in the Seewinkelregion (Northern Burgenland)
Leader/ Investigator: Hermann Häusler

Hydrogeology of Schützen/ Leithagebirge (Northern Burgenland)
Leader/ Investigator: Hermann Häusler

Hydrogeology of the Zicksee (Seewinkel, Northern Burgenland)
Leader/ Investigator: Hermann Häusler