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We are a research group directed by Prof. Stephan M. Kraemer investigating biogeochemical processes in the environment. Our work is process oriented: we strive to gain a molecular level understanding of chemical mechanisms and biological pathways of processes that control the human environment in time and space. Current laboratory and field studies deal with the behavior of contaminants in soils and groundwater, plant nutrient acquisition, mineral weathering, the control of element cycles by microbial nutrient acquisition, the fate of mercury contaminations in groundwater using isotopic fractionation as process tracer.



New publication on mercury isotopes in contaminated soils and sediments


EGU2018 session on mercury

Jan Wiederhold organized a session on “Mercury cycling in the environment” at the EGU 2018 conference


New Homepage

We proudly present our new website.


Walter Schenkeveld leaving

Walter Schenkeveld is now professor at the University of Utrecht.


New project acquisition

New project on uranium transport in groundwater