Current Projects

Mechanisms and rates of asbestos weathering in the environment

Ph.D. student: Martin Walter


Dissolution mechanisms of Fe(hydr)oxide

Ph.D. student: Kyounglim Kang


Copper acquisition by archaea

Post-Doc: Carolina Reyes

Constraints on Copper Acquisition by Methanotrophic Bacteria

Ph.D. Student: Danielle Rushworth


Mobility of uranium under permanently reducing conditions

Ph.D. Student: Kyle Chardi


Mobility of uranium from depleted uranium ammunition

Master Student: Michael Ottman, Sebastian Pontz

Using mercury isotopes for process tracing in contaminated soils and groundwater

Ph.D. Student: Lorenz Schwab


Mercury contamination of soils by artisanal gold mining in Sudan

Master Student: Almigdad Adam


Mercury concentrations and isotopes in contaminated creek sediments

Master student: Florian Rothe


Mercury(II) binding to functional groups on bacterial surfaces and the associated Hg isotope fractionation

Master student: Aldan Kandzorra